A weekend of bushcraft


I am Alfie and I want to tell you about my bushcraft advantage this weekend.


My brother and sister in the Kayak

On Saturday we kayaked on the river. I don’t have any photos but we saw:
•       Herons
•       Black head gulls
•       Common gulls
•       Red shank
•       Green shank
•       Curlew
•       Cormorant
•       Little grebe

When we got home we lit a fire with a flint and steel and cooked rabbit stew. I also made a shooting  target. That night mum and me slept outside under a tarp.


Mum and me sleeping under a tarp

On Sunday we made a little stove from a tin drinking can. We went to the woods and cooked our lunch on it.


Cooking lunch on our tin can stove


Whittling in the woods


A fire even with the rain